Uranga dolphin: "People who work in polo are very humble"

The Argentine polo, considered a power in the world, began a new stage with the assumption as president of the Argentine Association of Dolphin Uranga. The highest authority occupies the position left by Eduardo Novillo Astrada, and the intention will continue to be popularize the activity throughout the country.

“The projects that I shared with the previous president are the vision of making the pole bigger, that it is more popular, that more people play it, that more people see it, also sponsor it, and that it is safer. That is starting to happen the previous management was very good, and now I have to continue it “, explains Uranga to Page 12, in the middle of the main court of Palermo.

The Triple Crown (Open of Tortugas, Hurlingham and Argentino) that is being developed in a unified way with the organizing clubs for the first time, it is the beginning an ambitious scheme.

“To popularize the activity, you first have to make it more accessible, democratize access to knowledge. For that we launched a platform called Polo University, that allows many people to know more about the sport, learn it. And for those who like to see it, that they know what it is about, otherwise it is very difficult to watch a sport in which one does not know what is happening on the court “, describes Uranga.

And he adds: “We are also betting on new formats, in which people with two or three horses can play. The problem was that there were many players with zero goals handicap in the interior of the country, then we look for a solution with the minus one and the minus two, so that the zero goal can be differentiated and perhaps invite the one who was also not so good, and become a defendant player. ”

Uranga, in the center, during the presentation of the Triple Crown. Image: AAP Press.

The Association launched the indoor leagues, so that they are the main potential for polo to truly be federalist, and where the final instances will be played in the field of Palermo.

“Give access to Palermo – continues Uranga – to people who I saw it as something unattainable is the idea. I recently went to the southern clubs, and they surprised me in places like Quilmes or La Plata how the pole is working. I think it’s going out to see what those clubs need, and based on that bring a proposal that makes polo bigger. “

–How do you insert the person who does not have elements to play?

– We are working on various aspects, for example opening polo that can be played on a bicycle, on a wheel, even on foot. On Polo University The trades part is very good, and to be able to generate work for those people who like horses, and to give them the chance to do it abroad. The pandemic showed us that the Argentine petisero is highly valued in the world, and is very necessary. If they could not travel, the season would not start in the world, then we are exporting qualified labor, which is how the visas came out. That makes us proud, to be able to give him a title of petisero, one of canchero, or of banderillero. This year banderilleros traveled to France, and then with that profit they were able to buy a property in Argentina. One of the most beautiful things about being president is being able to transform people’s lives, because there is polo and there is also an industry.

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– Are those polo workers low-income people?

–Exactly. Those who exercise it are very humble people, so it is a beautiful opportunity for people to insert themselves, have a job, and from there to travel abroad and learn about other cultures. For example, those who make the studs of the horses are artisans, those who make the saddles, the boots, all of this implies people working because technology cannot do it.

The Uranga’s goal is “to be able to make a bigger pole, not only in Palermo but also in Pilar, where more people have access to that. I aspire to something more international as well. As the pandemic truncated our project a bit, the intention is consolidate the Universidad del Polo so that degrees can be awarded to those who are received in each category “.

For the manager, things have to be thought in the long term, and that is why he considers that continuity was necessary: “My challenge is to generate the next president. Ideally, the chosen one is within the Council, so that the things that do not reach you with a mandate to achieve them, they can be continued so that everything reaches its destination “.

The intention of the Association is that people have fun, both inside the field and outside, with the recreational and gastronomic options that are offered in Palermo. The other aspect in which they will emphasis is safety. “As it is a risky sport, if we are aware, we can all take care of ourselves”, he highlights.

Regarding the new teams in the competition, the president pointed out that “the news generates that of not knowing what is going to happen. And it is important that new people are crowned in Palermo who have not won the Open so far. Is giving a generational change, and the guys who join are very competitive. ”


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