Uproar over Steve Smith race, questions raised on Nitin Menon decision, MCC rules explained

The 2023 Ashes series being played between England and Australia has seen a lot of excitement so far. Controversy is now being seen regarding Steve Smith’s burnout decision on the second day of the Test 5 match being played at The Oval. In the Oval Test match, on England substitute fielder Mark Elham’s bowling, Smith’s bat was slightly out of the crease to take the second run. Everyone from Smith felt that he was out, but when the third referee, Nitin Menon, didn’t give it, everyone was shocked.

Third referee Nitin Menon now faces criticism over this decision by Steve Smith. Taking advantage of this lifeline, Smith played in a brilliant 71-run innings. Because of this, the Australia team were also able to take a 12-run lead against England’s first innings score. On the other hand, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the organization that makes cricket rules, also clarified by tweeting on his behalf about this decision by Smith.

The Marylebone Cricket Club tweeted about this decision, saying the player will not be shown until either the bails fall completely off the stumps or a stump is dislodged from its place. In Smith’s burnout decision video, when Bairstow puts the ball on the stump, the gilli isn’t fully shaken.

Ravichandran Ashwin, current player of the Indian national team, has praised him for this decision given by Nitin Menon. Ashwin wrote on Twitter that Nitin Menon’s correct decision should be appreciated. At the same time, former Indian player Akash Chopra also praised Nitin, writing that Nitin Menon well done. a good decision a difficult decision

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