Uproar over Pakistan play again, threat looms again in World Cup schedule

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

ODI World will take place in India from October 5th. The schedule of this tournament was finalized last month. However, many state bodies have changed the schedule of nine games so far, citing various cases. Now the World Cup schedule appears to be changing again as Hyderabad police submitted a new issue to BCCI ahead of a Pakistan game.

Will the schedule change again?

The ICC Cricket World Cup could see another change in schedule as the Hyderabad Cricket Association has reportedly written a letter to the BCCI regarding this. The 2023 World Cup schedule has already undergone many changes and the schedule of 9 games has been changed. The India vs. Pakistan and Pakistan vs. England matches were postponed a day earlier, leading to a number of changes.

Uproar in another game against Pakistan

Now the schedule of another Pakistan game could be in jeopardy as the HCA have written to the Indian board about a gap between the two games. According to a report by Indian Express, the state board has requested a break between two back-to-back matches, namely New Zealand v Netherlands (October 9) and Pakistan v Sri Lanka (October 10). This comes after Hyderabad police reportedly raised concerns about security arrangements at two consecutive World Cup games, most notably the Pakistan game.

Changes in Pakistan’s games

The Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka match was postponed from October 12 to October 10. The move came after the India v Pakistan match was postponed from 15 to 14 October due to the Navratri celebrations in Ahmedabad. Notably, the Pakistan-England game originally scheduled to take place at Eden Gardens on November 12 has been postponed a day earlier. This is because the game coincides with Kali Puja, a major Bengali festival. This led to changes in several other games.

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Modified games of the 2023 World Cup:

October 10 – England – Bangladesh

October 10 – Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka
October 12 – Australia – South Africa
October 13 – New Zealand – Bangladesh
October 14 – India vs Pakistan
October 15 – England vs. Afghanistan
November 11 – Australia – Bangladesh
November 11 – England vs. Pakistan
November 12 – India vs. Netherlands

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