Update Windows 11 without having to restart? Is on the way

Microsoft’s latest revelation could change how updates work in Windows 11.

According to reports from Windows Central, the company is testing a new mechanism allows monthly updates to be installed without having to reboot the system. Ensure all new features are implemented immediately. This approach was referred to by Microsoft as “Hot Patches”.

This functionality was discovered by testers in the developer channel and revealed a new dynamic that could change the user experience in the operating system.

Microsoft’s definition of “hot patches” is clear and concise: “Update the code of a running process in memory without restarting the process”. This concept represents a significant change in the way updates are implemented, eliminating the need to restart the system every time an improvement or correction is made.

According to preliminary information, Microsoft plans to distribute security updates via this “hot patch” mechanism. Although the big advantage is that there are no immediate reboots after an update, hot patches are expected to require a system reboot every few months to ensure optimal functionality.

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