It is a dramatic epilogue for a man from Sarthe. Jean-Claude Taveau, sixty years old, was affected by a serious form of Covid-19 in March 2021. As detailed West France, which publishes his testimony, the man was not vaccinated and was diabetic. A situation that worsened his state of health and left him severely disabled after spending weeks in a hospital bed. After this ordeal, he calls on all reluctant French people to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The sexagenarian is indeed now forced to live with his oxygen mask. “As soon as he takes them off, his constants drop,” his wife told the regional daily. Her husband adds: “My grandson who was afraid of it is even starting to play with it!” A touch of humor which does not, however, mask the situation in which this retiree finds himself. Still recovering, the man who lives near Alençon spent several months in a coma and lost the use of his right hand and his lungs. “That he is alive is already a small miracle,” said his wife.

The end of a dream

Not vaccinated at the time of Jean-Claude’s contamination with Covid, the couple now wants to alert to the seriousness of the disease and convince of the importance of the vaccine. Because today, on a daily basis, the sexagenarian can no longer open a bottle of water alone or cut his meat without the help of his wife. “I can’t do much anymore, explains the retiree. Even talking ends up tiring me”. The illness also put an end to the couple’s dream: to buy a motorhome and go around the world.

“We will never be able, deplores Jean-Claude. Planning even for a few months has become impossible”. The man must undergo rehabilitation three times a week to try to maintain his condition, while the couple regret “not having taken this disease seriously earlier”.


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