In Canada, a divorced unvaccinated father has lost the right to meet his 12-year-old child. A judge in the province of Quebec has ruled that it is in the child’s best interests that he not see his father for the time being.

It appears that this is the first time a parent has been denied contact with a child because the parent has not been vaccinated.

The father himself had gone to court in mid-December with the request to see his child more often during the Christmas holidays. The judge gave a verdict on December 23, but the verdict has only now made the news. The mother opposed the father’s request, telling the court that she had recently discovered that her ex is not vaccinated and is a conspiracy theorist.

The child has been vaccinated, but according to the judge this does not offer complete protection against the corona virus, and certainly not against the omikron variant.

conspiracy theorist

The father admitted to the judge that he has doubts about the corona vaccine, but said he does adhere to the corona measures. According to the judge, however, his Facebook page shows that he is a conspiracy theorist and it seems that he is ignoring the corona measures.

Another factor for the judge was that the mother and her current partner also have two young children who have not been vaccinated, because children under five are not vaccinated.

The verdict is for a limited time, because the situation around corona is changing rapidly. The father also regains the right to see his child if he still has himself vaccinated.


Quebec has the most corona deaths of all Canadian provinces and the number of infections has been rising rapidly in recent weeks. This week, the Prime Minister of Quebec announced a special tax on unvaccinated people.

Nearly ninety percent of the province’s population has been vaccinated, but more than two-thirds of the corona patients in hospitals have not been vaccinated.


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