Untimely slap shot by Pérez

Within the manual of things that should not be done when you are a Formula 1 driver, on the first page is the prohibition of crashing at irrelevant moments of the weekend. Like, for example, the start of the first free practice. Checo Pérez got on the RB19, went out to complete his initial stint on a hard tire… and crashed at the end of the first sector after landing a tire on the grass before a fast right-hander. The mistake is one of those unforgivableEspecially at Red Bull. The collision with the walls occurred at medium speed and the front suspension was badly damaged, with the left front wheel hanging off. In short, a rude mistake by the driver just when Marko and company have transferred all the pressure with the arrival of Ricciardo, a luxury substitute, at Alpha Tauri.

The training sessions, from there, were irrelevant. It started to rain with some intensity and for half an hour nobody completed a lap at the Hungaroring. He slacked off slightly at the end, but the track was no joke. Sainz verified this with a dangerous spin that led him to brush the wall and damage his front wing, although he was able to return to the garage after a push from the stewards. That was the second red flag of a rather unproductive session which also transfers pressure to the teams for Free Practice 2, because an alternative format for the use of qualifying tires will be released this weekend (Q1 with hard, Q2 with medium and Q3, with soft) and there will hardly be time to test the conditions of each tire without it not stopping raining for the following training sessions. In the time table Russell led with the Mercedes, Alonso was fifth and Sainz 15th, although neither Verstappen nor Hamilton completed a lap.

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