The president of the ches entity argues that his model of youth players is the best in Spain

The president of the Valencia CF Anil Murthy, spoke of the project quarry that they have been implementing in recent years. While it is true, players such as Carlos Soler, José Luis Gayá, Ferran Torres, Paco Alcácer or Kang In Lee. However, there are a number of shortcomings, which can take its toll on the entire entity in the near future.

By order of the same owner, we mean Peter lim, set valencianista He preferred to bet 80% on his basic forces. The reasons are to promote great talents, but it happens more for what economic. And it is that from the directives they know that a youth squad earns less than a signing, for example Gonzalo guedes.

quarry Valencia
Kang in Lee and Ferrán Torres, are two of the failed cases of the Valencian quarry, of which their president does not speak.

Anil Murthy takes all the credit together with Peter Lim, in the Valencia project and his quarry

The top executive by title of Valencia, has come out to declare that the achievements they have obtained in recent years have been thanks to the quarry project led by him and supervised by Peter Lim. However, he did not make any reference to the cases of Ferran Torres and the South Korean Kang in Lee. The Valencian president did not have enough vision to believe in the extreme left, and practically gave it to Manchester City.

In the case of the Asian, the situation was even worse, since they never believed in the midfielder and never gave him the value he deserved. In fact, they let him go as a free agent, and the player ended up joining Mallorca at zero cost. These are just two of the failed cases of the great project that Anil Murthy boasts about.

Two other cases close to becoming two new failures, in the Valencia quarry project

Two new cases could be added to the Ferrán Torres and Kang in Lee cases in the coming months. We are talking about left-back José Luis Gayá and midfielder Carlos Soler. Both are two of the best players in the current squad ches, and in addition to the best that the Valencian quarry has given. Due to this, the renovation is a main issue and which they are working on to achieve it soon.

Both end their contractual obligations in 2023, so they should have already been renewed. However, the sports management has failed in their attempts, and everything seems to indicate that the two players are testing opportunities far from Valencia. For now, Anil Murthy says that everything is very good, and that the renewal for them and the other stars of the quarry, will come very soon.


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