Dutch club football is experiencing an unprecedented season in Europe. After Ajax became group winner in the Champions League on Wednesday, Feyenoord, AZ, PSV and Vitesse ensured even more success in Europe last night.

Feyenoord and AZ became group winners in the Conference League and PSV also assured themselves of wintering in Europe (if not in the higher-rated Europa League, then in the Conference League). In addition, Vitesse also has a chance at the next round in the Conference League due to a great draw at Stade Rennais.

And so for the first time since 2011/2012, the Netherlands has at least four clubs in the knockout phase of European tournaments.


At the time, Ajax, PSV, FC Twente and AZ were still in European action after the winter (all in the Europa League). The Netherlands then collected 13,600 points over the entire year for the UEFA coefficient list, the ranking with which European tickets are distributed.

That number of points is still unrivaled, but there is a good chance that the record will be broken this season. At the moment, the Netherlands is already at 12,600 points. Only England (13,571) is doing better this year with top clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

The entry of the Conference League this season turns out to be a blessing for Dutch football. Despite the fact that the difference in level between the Champions League and the Conference League is large, the coefficient points that you can earn in both competitions are almost the same.

Extra Champions League ticket

The Netherlands is reaping the benefits of this and it is possible that we have now virtually passed number six in the ranking, Portugal. And that is crucial, because that place entitles you to an extra Champions League ticket.

The Dutch national champion is currently allowed to play in the main tournament of the Champions League and the number two in the third preliminary round. If the Netherlands stays ahead of Portugal, they will be two clubs in the main tournament and one in the third preliminary round.

Anyone who had outlined the current situation four years ago would have been considered crazy. In the 2017/2018 season, Dutch club football experienced an absolute low point with 2,900 points. Countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus and North Macedonia scored better than the Netherlands at the time.

But because the coefficient ranking is based on the performance of the last five seasons, the Netherlands will be freed from that disaster season next year and the battle with Portugal (7,916 points this season) can really erupt in all fierceness in the coming period.


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