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Unphu wins university judo championship

La Unphu conquista campeonato universitario de judo

The Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University -Unphu- conquered the Judo Championship of the University Games, thanks to three gold medals that catapulted an excellent general performance in terms of combat sports.

The “greens” showed their clear sporting hegemony with outstanding performances by Eduardo Guzmán (100 kilograms) and Omaria Ramírez (+78 kg); meanwhile, Eliel Reyes won bronze in the 90 kilos.

In karate, the Central American medalist Leidy León won the gold medal in the 68 kilograms. With a string of 18 medals and an MVP in the 2014-15 University Games, the student overflows her brilliant career with silver in the Central American and Caribbean Games (2014). Hannely Sierra also stood out in the discipline, who hung two medals.

As silver winners in the discipline were, Joshuad Presinal (kata modality) and José Rodríguez in the 60 kilograms, in addition to Jesús Cuevas (+ 84 kg).

Sierra (in kata and 61 kgs), Lendjidy Fils, Angélica Polanco, Yave Arache and Jean Luis Martínez won bronze.

The Unphu conquered between both disciplines a whopping thirteen medals, with a dozen in karate.

The contest had twelve academies, with Universidad Apec, UASD, UNEV, ITLA, Pucamaima, INCE, Utesa, UCNE, Intec and OyM.

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