UNOde50 renews its brand image

UNOde50 renews its brand image. With the aim of restoring its essence and authenticity, the company has taken action a process of renewing your brand identity and all your touchpoints and communication channels.

For UNOde50It is a brand evolution born from the desire to recapture our essence and trust our instincts. «An exercise in authenticity in which we rescue what we once were and bring it into the present and feel it with truth, relevance and coherence. We relaunched UNOde50 to connect with our customers, friends and employees. For those who know that being yourself is revolutionary and for those who are discovering it. Being one is everything«says the company.

This updated image contains a new logo, the new motto “Being one is everything” and an advertising campaign with this motto and the new identity. The purpose extends internationally to 90 of our own shops and branches Wholesale the company. To carry out all the strategic and creative work that this project entailed, The consulting firm LLYC was involved in UNOde50.

In an interview with ReasonWhy, Brigitte Böhm, Global Marketing Director at UNOde50explained that several studies were conducted and through this the company realized that it was not connecting with the younger audience There wasn’t much coherence between what Uno de 50 thought the brand was and the perception that people had of it.

«That’s why we thought about the need to create this coherence between the company, the product, the brand and the communication. People knew us very well because of our product, but didn’t know what was behind it, what values ​​and benefits it had. We saw that it was time to take a step and express what the company brand is, which has a lot to say besides the product.“, has explained.

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In this sense, Boehm assured that “Our goal is to inspire people to believe in their own identity and embrace the idea of ​​being themselves. We want people to feel proud and express their personality by wearing our jewelry. We want to be a spontaneous brand that is focused and iconic… and also a brand that creates community and creates styles«.

On your side, Bárbara Ruiz, Branding Director at LLYCcommented: “andThe challenge was to identify its DNA and to know how to capture very well the codes that were part of the brand’s attitude and worked, modernize them and reinterpret them in a way that kept that attitude but made it graphic also true something completely different. Saving what they already had, strengthening their essence, appeal, self-esteem, spontaneity and personal identity«.

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