Home Business UniversalPay signs agreement with UELZ to accelerate activation of Redsys accounts

UniversalPay signs agreement with UELZ to accelerate activation of Redsys accounts

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UniversalPay, a leading provider of payment solutions, has signed an agreement with Uelz, a revolutionary payment management platform, allowing their customers to activate their REDSYS account much faster and easier, thus overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles imposed by traditional banks.

Since Uelz integrated Redsys as one of the available processors for card payments, we can see how complex it can be to request and activate a virtual POS through a bank. Customers had to overcome a complex KYC, sign a contract and contact the relevant bank branch with the time involved.“, Comments Xandra Etxabe, COO & co-founder of Uelz.

Thanks to this agreement, companies no longer have to go to their bank to get the login details for their virtual POS. UniversalPay directly creates Redsys accounts for companies that want to work with cards, saving costs on their subscriptions. Furthermore, they do not have to do any technical integration. All you need to do is enter the credentials generated by the partner in Uelz to activate the Redsys payment processor.

With UniversalPay, businesses using Uelz can run their virtual POS in just a few days, a big difference compared to the weeks and even months it takes to do it independently“, concludes Jesús Molina, Head of Partners at UniversalPay.

Uelz is a Fintech of Valencian origin that offers: innovative online collection management and automation tool, which helps save technical costs of implementing and maintaining payment platforms by automating all subscriptions and one-time customer payments in seconds. This enormous differentiation potential made it the big winner of the eleventh edition of the Southern Summit, held in Madrid last June.

For its part, UniversalPay is the only company in Spain that offers acquiring services, its own processor and its own payment platform, making it an ideal partner for the company’s growth and expansion.

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