United States: with the high heat, the fear that the city of Phoenix will become unlivable

If the city of Phoenix (Arizona, United States) has 1.5 million inhabitants, its streets are nevertheless deserted. An ominous sign of a city that could soon become unlivable. Here, temperatures are around 50°C. People hunker down at home. In Phoenix, 86% of homes are air-conditioned. A repairman is overwhelmed with requests.

“Climate change plays a big role”

For those who cannot afford an air conditioner, the city is setting up cooling rooms listed on an application. During the summer, an HIV screening center turns into a “cooling center”. “I think the city of Phoenix will soon be unlivable, because of the environment we are in. Climate change plays a big role.”says a person working in this cool room. Last year, Phoenix suffered 425 heat-related deaths. Faced with the drought, drastic measures have been taken. The Governor of Arizona has banned any new real estate project that would draw its water from groundwater.

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