United States: when a pro-Trump elected official confuses “Gestapo” and “gazpacho”

His tongue forked. Marjorie Taylor Greene, an elected member of the Republican Party in the United States, found herself, Wednesday, February 9, derided on the internet for having used the word “gazpacho”, the famous Spanish vegetable soup served ice cold, instead of “Gestapo”, the political police of the Third Reich. She wanted to denounce the so-called police method of the Democratic leader of Congress, Nancy Pelosi.

In a diatribe delivered Tuesday evening on the very conservative channel One America News, the elected official of the State of Georgia likened the prison where the attackers of the Capitol of January 6, 2021 are held to a “gulag” and denounced “Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police, spying on congressmen”.

Of self-mockery

This confusion has delighted many Internet users and personalities. Among the latter, the Spanish chef José Andrés, known for having popularized tapas in the United States, offered the Republican representative to come and taste a glass of gazpacho in one of his restaurants in Washington.

Marjorie Taylor Greene had already shocked by comparing the vaccine passport against Covid-19 to the yellow star imposed on Jews. The elected Trumpist took things with humor, in a tone of self-mockery. “No soup for those who illegally spy on members of Congress, but they will be thrown into the goulash”, she tweeted. A little pun between the “gulag” and the “goulash”this Hungarian soup very common in Central Europe.

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