United States: Trump supporters who believe in his revenge

Former US President will hold his first speech since Joe Biden took office on Sunday night in Orlando in front of a conquered public. It will thus establish some bases with a view toa possible candidacy in 2024, on the occasion of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an ultra-republican conference, where many supporters came to support him.

In Sunday dress, well dressed, five friends are impatient before the speech Donald Trump aged between 18 and 19, they met on the Internet and come from all over the country from Texas, but also from North Carolina and Florida.

What are they waiting for? A revenge speech, because these young activists have a hard tooth against anti-Trump republicans. This is the case with Ricky: “I will never vote for politicians who do not put America, God and my community first”.

For them, Donald Trump was a great president and could become again. To explain your attachment, sometimes they have strange arguments. “He is funny, he has good jokes, but above all he is a good president: he is perfect for United States”explains a fervent activist.

In this group of five, only one person wears the mask. The others then ask him to remove it. Why ? Reply: because it is not true, these stories, and it’s no use. Before entering, the hotel management will still ask them to put on their protection.

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