United States: the end of the taboo surrounding the issue of rape in universities?

In the United States, many cases of sexual violence committed on campuses have long been overlooked. However, a wind of change seems to be blowing since 2018.

In the United States, classes resumed a few weeks ago at universities. And the cases of sexual assault that take place there every year are less and less accepted by students even if they remain very taboo. Demonstrations have also taken place on various American campuses to denounce inaction in the face of a phenomenon that has been increasingly publicized since 2018 with the wave of testimonies gathered under the hashtag #MeToo.

In American student fraternities (powerful student associations), numerous rapes and sexual assaults have been committed and continue to occur there. While most of them are often overlooked, some have been publicized. In 2015, the Chanel Miller case hit the headlines because her rapist Brock Turner was almost made a victim in the media. The following year, rebelote. At Indiana University, after committing two rapes, John Enoch, a young student, is only sentenced to one day in prison. However, an evolution has been noted since 2018 with the MeToo movement which has encouraged very particular attention to this type of case on the part of the judges. Indeed, the latter do not wish to lose their post by pronouncing a judgment perceived as too lax.

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