United States: Ron DeSantis, rival of Donald Trump, makes a chaotic entry into the campaign

This is the man who challenges Donald Trump: Ron DeSantis. Ultra-conservative Governor of Florida, rising star of the Republican Party, he is considered the only real rival of the former American president. His presidential bid on Twitter, alongside Elon Musk, was bound to be a big announcement. For more than 20 minutes, the servers did not work: impossible to hear a few words for the 600,000 people connected.

Ron DeSantis wants to seduce the most radical Republicans

Enough to attract the taunts of Donald Trump via another social network, Truth. Ron DeSantis ends up making his announcement later. Anti-immigration, anti-abortion, he made his state a test for his future national policy. Teachers are banned from talking about racism or gender in school, and some books have been banned from the state. A series of laws to seduce the radical hard core of the Republican Party. However, the polls are against him: 25%, far behind the 56% accumulated by Donald Trump.

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