United States: “phantom” job ads, necessary for business competitiveness?

Looking for work in the United States can sometimes be an obstacle course. While there are plenty of job postings, some are actually phantom ads. They remain online for several months, but the companies do not really seek to recruit. Will Kelly works in marketing and technology. After being fired, he went to several sites looking for a job, and noticed a strange phenomenon. “I would apply for a job, they would immediately turn down my application, and the ad would pop up again and again and again. In fact, they were just changing the job title“, he says.

Marketing tactics

It is actually a strategy on the part of companies. With the unemployment rate at 3.7% in the United States, employers want to be able to recruit as quickly as possible. Anna Delforgeshead of human resources for a large group, regularly posts announcements of this type, mentioning it. They are, according to her, vital for the competitiveness of the company. We often seek to create pools of candidates, which remain up-to-date“, she explains. For other smaller companies, it is a maneuver to show their good financial health.

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