Newspaper revelations Politico ten days ago on the intentions of the Supreme Court to very soon break the legislation on the right to abortion set fire to the powder. Saturday, May 14, giant marches are planned in Washington, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as hundreds of rallies across the country to defend the right of women to freely dispose of their bodies.

These demonstrations should mark the beginning of a “summer of anger”says the “Women’s March” organization, which brought together millions of opponents of Donald Trump a few years ago, during a large “Women’s March”.

A “summer of anger”

However, it is still impossible to know if the mobilization will be up to the decision that the Supreme Court is about to take, that of overturning the historic judgment Roe versus Wade, a court decision of 1973 which legalizes and frames since abortion rights in the United States. If the highest court in the country confirms its intentions, each state will be free to prohibit or authorize abortion. And even if it is massive, the mobilization risks not changing anything. The Supreme Court, dominated by conservative justices thanks to Donald Trump, is not one to backpedal under popular pressure. And the White House does not have leverage either because the Democrats do not have the necessary majority in the Senate.

A vote intended to guarantee the right to abortion everywhere in the country failed this week without surprise. “Congressional Republicans have chosen to oppose the right of American women to make the most personal decisions about their bodies, their families and their lives”, criticized President Joe Biden. One can imagine the frustration of the American president, him, a powerless democrat under his own mandate to prevent the country from going back 50 years.

“Not an empty promise”

The court is due to announce its decision next month. But around twenty conservative states have already announced that they want to make the procedure illegal. Some have already taken the lead, and passed more or less harsh laws. Conversely, California, the least restrictive state on abortion, intends to assert itself as a sanctuary for women in need of an abortion. The Californian Democrats want to enshrine the right to abortion in the local constitution. A referendum is needed to amend the constitution.

It will not be enough, however, warned on a local branch of Fox, Cristina Garcia, elected from Los Angeles. “We introduced a package of 13 bills in January because the reality of a right without access is just an empty promise. We hope to become a beacon of hope for vulnerable women in California and Besides”said the chosen one.

Among these thirteen laws, the one prohibiting insurers from imposing a deductible for an abortion is already in force. Others plan to protect women who come from another state from possible legal action, in addition to financial assistance to reach California. The local government also supports the cost of an abortion for the poorest, 125 million dollars must be released to finance all these measures. A desire welcomed by many associations, worried that the means are lacking.

Around California, the number of women without access to a nearby clinic is likely to increase from a few thousand to more than a million overnight. For their part, anti-abortionists denounce laws that will maintain a “abortion tourism”.


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