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United States: 20 internet providers agree to reduce their prices

Will Americans soon see their internet bills go down? The White House announced on Monday, May 9, that it had reached an agreement with 20 internet providers, including AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, to reduce subscription costs and guarantee broadband access to low-income households. “The Biden-Harris administration has secured commitments from the top 20 internet service providers, which provide coverage to 80% of the US population in urban, suburban and rural areas, to either increase their speeds or decrease their prices,” a statement read. In addition, low-income households will be able to receive financial assistance from the federal government to pay for internet access: “about 40% of American households are eligible”, underlined President Joe Biden on Monday afternoon, during a formalization ceremony organized in the gardens of the White House.

This assistance can go up to 30 dollars, the amount to which some suppliers have promised to reduce their monthly subscription. According to the White House, eligible households will be able to benefit from very high speed access free of charge. “How many times have you seen a mom or dad pull up to a McDonald’s parking lot? Just so they can get online so their child can do their homework during the pandemic,” Biden said. . Many schools have indeed remained closed for a year and a half in the United States because of the pandemic, the courses then taking place online, penalizing children from low-income homes. The commitments announced by the White House are part of the Biden administration’s vast infrastructure plan, totaling $1.2 trillion.

Help for 48 million households

This law “provides $65 billion to ensure that we expand high-speed internet access to every part of the country, urban, suburban and rural, everywhere. So that every American home is connected”, commented the president . More than 11.5 million American households have already applied to receive this assistance, but the administration estimates that 48 million households could be eligible for it in total. Families eligible for the grant are those whose income is at least 200% below the federal poverty level or who have a member who already receives a government assistance program, such as Medicaid health insurance or SNAP food assistance. . The Biden administration has also launched a site,, detailing how to apply for the grant.


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