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United Kingdom: she gives birth to a baby weighing 6.7 kilos

A nice template! A Briton recently gave birth to her fourth child, a baby weighing 6.7 kilograms.

The mom, Cherral Mitchell, told The Independent how epic the birth on October 28 was. “We didn’t think he was going to be that big. Everyone kept laughing when their head came out, ”she explains, humorously. The Briton also confides her relief at having been helped by two midwives and having had a cesarean to give birth to Alpha.

Consequence of gestational diabetes

According to doctors, the infant weighed such a heavy weight due to gestational diabetes, diagnosed late to the mother.

This syndrome, linked to pregnancy, is an intolerance to glucose which results in an increase in blood sugar. The consequences can be numerous and dangerous for the mother and for the baby. For the latter, gestational diabetes often causes fetal macrosomia, ie a birth weight greater than 4 kilos.

According to The Independent, this is the third largest newborn in the country. The first two, born in 1992 and 2013, weighed 7.13 and 7 kilos respectively. We are still far from the world record, recorded by Guinness, with an Italian born in 1955 and weighing … 10.2 kilos!

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