United Kingdom: in Scotland, the appointment of a man to promote free tampons and sanitary pads provokes a reaction

A nomination that makes noise. The choice of a man to promote access, now free in Scotland, to tampons and periodic towels provoked, Wednesday August 17, many criticisms in the country. Former tennis player Martina Navratilova notably denounced a decision “ridiculous” on Twitter. “Have we ever tried to teach men how to shave or take care of their prostate? It’s nonsense,” she added.

Since Monday, these products must be made available free of charge by local authorities and Scottish schools for all women, thanks to a law against menstrual poverty passed in November 2020 and presented by the Scottish authorities as a first in the world. world. But in Dundee, a town north of Edinburgh, it was a man who was chosen to promote this law, as the very first “rules dignity officer”appointed for two years.

Jason Grant, a former personal trainer, is responsible for promoting the new law in schools, colleges and universities, and ensuring that it is well funded. It should also encourage discussions about menstruation and menopause. But on social networks, his appointment does not pass. “I can’t understand how anyone thought it was a good idea to name a guy,” reacted on Twitter Susan Dalgety, press columnist and women’s rights activist. Jason Grant told him on Twitter that being a man would help him “to break down barriers, reduce stigma and encourage more open discussion. Although it directly affects women, periods are a problem for everyone.”

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