United Kingdom: 3 people including students were killed in different incidents

Nottingham: Three people were killed in three different weddings in the United Kingdom, while three injured people have been shifted to the hospital for medical assistance.

A foreign news agency According to the report Three people were killed in three separate attacks in the busiest area of ​​the city center of the city of Nottingham, while three people were seriously injured in knife attacks, the condition of one of the injured is said to be critical.

Apart from this, the body of a person has been found from Magdala Road, the police has arrested a 31-year-old accused on the basis of suspicion.

United Kingdom

According to the AP, police did not say how the three men were killed, but said the first attack occurred early in the morning when two people were found dead on an inner-city street. A third body was later found in another street. Witnesses described a terrifying scene in the city center about 90 minutes later when the van plowed into pedestrians on a street corner and then sped away.


According to the British news agency, the three incidents took place in the busiest area of ​​the city, where all the buses pass, while a large number of people going to school, college and work also pass through the area every day, for which there is heavy police presence at all times. It is posted here.

According to American media, two of the three people killed were students of Nottingham University. Fearing that the three incidents may be related, the police have started an investigation into the incidents.

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