Home Sports United have set Antony’s asking price for this summer

United have set Antony’s asking price for this summer

United have set Antony's asking price for this summer

Manchester United He spent a long time unsuccessfully looking for a way out for the Brazilian Antony, the English club, is betting on the transfer of the South American footballer who has not performed as expected during his time at Old Trafford.

The Brazilian player has been one of the big disappointments of recent times Manchester Unitedwho, as we remember, paid at the time no more and no less than 95 million euros, a figure that Antony could not make profitable at any time, which gave rise to constant rumors about his possible departure during the next transfer market window, accepting the old Trafford team offers around 50 million euros.

End of his time at Old Trafford

With a total of eight goals and three assists in 56 games played, Antony could leave the Red Devils shortly after his arrival Amsterdam AjaxThis is undoubtedly a big bombshell in the upcoming transfer market and it remains uncertain whether the Brazilian footballer would find a new destination there Premier League or, on the contrary, if you are starting a new sporting adventure in another major European league, then yes Manchester United It was an almost impossible task to recoup the investments the Brazilian footballer made at the time.

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