Home Sports United could repeat the CBF recipe with Antony

United could repeat the CBF recipe with Antony

United could repeat the CBF recipe with Antony

Except for the Brazilian team… and maybe Manchester United too. This is the destiny you can have Anthonysays the Brazilian portal UOL, the same media company that this Monday published new information that would confirm the Brazilian international’s macho aggression towards his ex-partner.

The Sao Paulo State Civil Police have launched an investigation into the matter after a complaint was filed alleging gender-based violence by the player’s sentimental partner. And some of the published content (WhatsApp messages) does not leave the 23-year-old in a good situation.

So much so that in a joint decision by the Confederaçao Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) and the new coach Fernando Diniz, who takes office on that day, FIFA has decided not to join the merger. In his place, he was called the “9” of Arsenal, Gabriel Jesuswho has already recovered from his injury and scored a great goal in the final minutes of last Sunday’s win against Manchester United (3-1).

The UOL portal points out that United initially dealt with the ex-partner’s complaint quite laxly AnthonyHe could end up taking the same action as Mason Greenwood, who faced a sexual assault charge.

The current Getafe player (he will play in LaLiga on loan from United this season) has been removed from the first-team because of allegations of rape and physical violence by her partner. In fact, as of late January 2022, he has never donned the Manchester club’s red jersey since the facts were released.

A year ago, Antony became the second most expensive signing in United history for the €95m they paid to remove him from Ajax. Only Paul Pobga He tops it with the 105 “kilos” that England’s Juventus paid for him in August 2016.

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