United Arab Emirates: Important decision on dirty cars parked in public places

A recent warning issued by the Abu Dhabi municipality said that if a vehicle was found parked in public places for a long time, the vehicle would be impounded and the owner would be fined 3,000 dirhams.

The municipality says that after monitoring, a three-day warning sticker will be placed on those vehicles. If no action is taken during this period, the vehicle will be removed from there.

According to the authorities, although the fine is 3,000 dirhams if the vehicle is seized, if the owner pays the fine within 30 days of the seizure, a fine of 1,500 dirhams will be imposed.

The campaign aims to make citizens and residents realize how vehicles parked for a long time in public places affect their environment. And this campaign teaches car owners how to keep their car in good condition?

According to the municipality, hundreds of abandoned vehicles have been found in different areas of the city, of which several vehicles have been seized.

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