Unit B, a week ahead

The preseason begins in Valdebebas and with it the players who did not leave the last national team break and who have participated to a lesser extent last season return. Mendy, Lunin, Ceballos and two of the new signings, Brahim Díaz and Arda Güler, do not have a guaranteed position in Ancelotti’s starting lineup and they will have an extra week to make an extra effort and start to convince the Italian coach. The objective is to see at what point they are in Carletto’s plans when the first game of the summer arrives, the early hours of July 23-24 against Milan in Los Angeles.

Ceballos launches renovation

The player from Utrera has a clear mission for next season: justify his renewal for the next four years as a white player and increase its role for the next campaign. Ancelotti gave him confidence and that he will have opportunities, although Earning a place in the eleven will not be easy: with the signing of Güler, there are finally eight midfielders that the Italian coach will have for the 2023-24 season.

But Dani has an advantage over the rest of his teammates: he is one of the first players to start the preseason this July 10 in Valdebebas. He knows that he has a chance with the drawing change and that he has to step up. After his renewal on June 23, The player has been active on social networks showing videos of his tuning for the tough challenge before him. The competition is great, but the ’19’ is not going to wrinkle. He is highly motivated and will seek to return to his best version from day one to gain that coveted spot in the starting team. Proof of this is the message he left after extending his contract until 2027: “Where some see how difficult it is, others look for the opportunity. Where some give up, others do not stop fighting for our dreams.

Brahim Díaz and Asensio’s goals

In the case of the man from Malaga, despite having less competition, his role in his second stage as a Real Madrid player aims to be much more secondary to the one he had in Milan, where he was an idol for the fans rossonera. But that doesn’t scare him. He arrives more mature, more accomplished and with the aim of making Marco Asensio forget, and his 12 goals and 8 assists last season. His numbers were also correct: 7 goals and 7 assists for a player who has shown personality in big events, being one of the leaders of a Milan that returned to the Champions League semifinals for the first time since 2007.

Besides, He is another of the players who benefits from the new drawing that Ancelotti will implement this season, with that 4-3-1-2 and the figure of the midfielder as the position in which he can best exploit his qualities. He has plenty of talent, although he will have to be patient and take advantage of his opportunities. The first of them arrives this week, starting training from the first day to show that this “new Brahim” has a place in Carletto’s plans.

Arda Güler wants to stay

The Turk gives up his holidays to put himself under Carlo Ancelotti’s orders from now on. After ruling out the option of going out on loan, the young midfielder will try to convince the Italian coach to win a place in the white midfield. A declaration of intent from the Ottoman international, in his eagerness to show that despite his youth he is capable of gaining a place in the squad. Madrid’s goal is for the player to have minutes, so this preseason will be a litmus test to define his short-term future at the Chamartín entity.

Lunin, round trip summer

It is difficult for Lunin to take Courtois’s place. Although he must be prepared so that, in the event of any setback that arises for the Belgian, he can be trusted. Last year, the Ukrainian goalkeeper played 12 games with Real Madrid in which he conceded 13 goals. Like Ceballos, the goalkeeper has uploaded some publications to his social networks training during his holidays to get in tune with this start of the preseason despite the rumors about his departure from the Concha Espina team.

Lunin shared on social networks the preparation he is doing for this new preseason.
Lunin shared on social networks the preparation he is doing for this new preseason.

Mendy, with a lot of competition

Until last season Mendy did not have another player that made him direct competition on the left side, with Camavinga being in charge of assuming that role during his absence. This course, Real Madrid has met that need with the arrival of Fran García, who was summoned with Spain and will rejoin next week along with the rest of his teammates. For this reason, Mendy must make an effort this first week of training in Valdebebas to have a physical advantage over the Spaniard.

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