The centralized crypto exchange Uniswap has a number of things within the past non-fungible token (NFT) sector done. They started Unisocks in 2019, opening several liquidity pools for NFTs backed by real physical assets. Also, Uniswap once stated that NFTs are a major gateway to Web3 rather than the separate ecosystem of Ethereum’s (ETH) ERC20.

Uniswap takes next step in NFT world

Now the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap has taken another step in the NFT sector. She has recently announced that they have acquired NFT marketplace collector Genie. Uniswap said this move is an important part of their mission to create universal ownership and exchange on its platform.


Uniswap will therefore offer NFTs on its platform that users can buy. First, this will be made possible on the Uniswap web application, and later various APIs and widgets will be developed that users or companies can apply to their website.

Genie makes name with NFT marketplace

Genie has made a name for itself by being the first NFT marketplace collector to provide a way for users to discover, buy and sell new NFTs through various marketplaces. Genie says giving users the ability to buy bundled NFTs on all major marketplaces in a single transaction and save 40% on gas costs

Uniswap has announced in an announcement that they will use the knowledge they have gained in building decentralized finance (DeFi) products.


This move by Uniswap comes at a good time. It is noticeable in the market that various metaverse projects and companies are growing fast, despite the rest of the market that is declining.

Crypto gaming and game-related NFTs are also showing significant growth. These products can of course be used despite a declining cryptocurrency market. We will always have gamers interested in new game related techniques. It will be interesting to see how Uniswap responds to this.