Union won in Santa Fe and also climbed to the top

Without leaving too much, but with full effectiveness, Unión de Santa Fe managed to join Platense in the conversation at the top from the standings from Zone A, by winning 1-0 this Tuesday to Atlético Tucumán for the League Cup.

The Santa Fe teamdirected by the Uruguayan Gustavo Munúa, was imposed at the stadium April 15 with a goal from as well Uruguayan Jonathan Alvezat the beginning of the second stage.

In the first half, not much happened.dangerous situations were rare and both Tomás Marchiori and Sebastián Moyano had almost no action in their respective goals.

But in the complement the emotions began to appear. and input, Sometimes it hit the voidentered the area and since he was without company decided to play it for the staff. On the line, the Uruguayan striker He hooked, left his mark snubbed and took a violent right hand -practically without an angle- that managed to overcome the goalkeeper from Tucuman, for thus get his first goal in Argentine football and lift your team to the top.

With this new defeat, the Tucuman team, led by Juan Manuel Azconzábal (former DT tatengue) still haven’t managed to win shares the last places with San Lorenzo and Patronato de Paraná.

On the next date Union of Santa Fe must visit Sarmiento de Junínwhile Atlético Tucumán will receive Patronato de Paraná.

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