Unicaja takes the game and Lenovo, the field factor

Insufficient triumph of Unicaja that failed to overcome the seven points of disadvantage that it needed to have the home court factor in favor in the tremendous playoff tie that will face these two teams again. Lenovo Tenerife stayed afloat with arreones and managed to maintain the basket average thanks to a three-pointer from Jaime Fernández and a rebound from Doornekamp. The only way for the people of Malaga to obtain the desired fourth place is to win on Tuesday at the Bilbao Basket court and for Lenovo to lose at home against Zaragoza. Mission almost impossible.

New chapter of the source of revenge between Unicaja Málaga and Lenovo Tenerife, who will meet again in the playoff tie for the title. What was at stake was nothing less than the home court factor, which can be decisive in a series that is presumed to be very even. It was a very tactical game, with aggressive defenses, punctual impulses and a warm heart. The new classic of Spanish basketball between two teams that this year have already met four times… and there will be more. The people from Malaga had to overcome a difference of seven points (the insulars won on their court 91-84). The truth is that it seemed that they had it on track with the 32-19 minute 13. Dead time for Txus Vidorrerta.

Kalinoski with the ball in his hands..
Kalinoski with the ball in his hands..Mariano Pozo

What comes is absurd. Yankuba Sima gives an erroneous pass that he instinctively picks up… Ibon Navarro, who was in the cornerThey umulate only 3/11 in triples and the score goes to an incredible 34-41 (min. 22). The feeling was more of a Cup or BCL final. Those from Ibon were forced to row and under the direction of Alberto Díaz managed to go around the electronics again (48-44 min. 25) after a triple by Brizuela and another recovery by Alberto who is ‘on fire. 14-3 run in a rollercoaster crash.

Ibon talks with the referee after his disqualification.
Ibon talks with the referee after his disqualification.Mariano Pozo

What comes is absurd. Yankuba Sima gives an erroneous pass that he instinctively picks up… Ibon Navarro, who was in the corner. The coach releases the ball and that’s why the referees whistle a technique that, being the second, means his expulsion. Carpena lights up and takes it with the referees. The score tightens again (48-47). As it usually happens, nothing like a referee’s decision understood as wrong for a hobby to squeeze beautifully. The defense of the locals blocked the offensive ideas from Tenerife that exhausted two possessions of 24 seconds without being able to shoot. With Ibon expelled, it is his assistant, Ángel Cañete, who leads the team and distributes slogans during timeouts. The people from Malaga once again surpassed the border of the famous seven points at the end of the third act (59-51). Nothing less than 19 losses in the Lenovo.

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The final stretch starts with a triple by Alberto Díaz (62-51) who has an emotional duel with the great Marcelinho Huertas. A difference that grows to 13 (65-52) after a triple by the always efficient Kravish (min. 32). Tenerife increases its intensity in defense and with a three-pointer from Doornekamp reduces the famous seven-point handicap (69-65 min. 37).

Sima tray.
Sima tray.Mariano Pozo

With 1.14 remaining to go, with 75-66 Unicaja loses an attack with a three-pointer by Alberto who, this time, does not find the desired destination if Jaime Fernández obtains to once again reduce the seven disadvantage (75-69) . Fitipaldo commits back field. Yet another loss (23 in total). Unicaja had a winning attack that they could not solve. The rebound captured by Doornekamp is worth gold. The veedimorados take the game and Lenovo, the field factor.


75-Unicaja Malaga (21, 13, 25 and 16): Kendrick Perry (19), Djedovic (1), Kalinoski (5), Osetkowski (5), Yankuba Sima (4) -starting five -Tyson Carter (3), Will Thomas (6), Ejim (5), Brizuela ( 5), Alberto Diaz (12) and Kravisch (10).

71-Lenovo Tenerife (13, 21, 17 and 20): Marcelinho (8), Joan Sastre (5), Cook (4), Abromaitis (3), Shermadini (8) -starting five – Fitipaldo (5), Salin (8), Fran Guerra (9), Doornekamp (10) , Jaime Fernández (8), Bolmaro (0) and Diagné (3).

referees: Juan Carlos García González, Juan de Dios Oyón and Alfonso Olivares.

Incidents: Martin Carpena. 10,114 spectators.

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