Unicaja takes oxygen for the Cup

Unicaja won without playing well. But he won that was what it was all about. Fotis Katsikaris’s team made fewer mistakes than a San Pablo Burgos who was weak in defense, misguided on free throws and only sailed while Renfroe’s gasoline and Benite’s inspiration lasted. Fotis’ team lived off the good times of the individualist Cole, unthinkably generous in defense, and the sensational punctual minutes of ‘double B’, Bouteille and Brizuela who supported a work that can and should improve. The greens do not disengage from the Copa del Rey and those of Tabak are too close to the ghost zone of the table.

The game had little color. Unicaja and San Pablo, BCL teams, faced this clash in the midst of depression with only three victories and closer to relegation than the Copa del Rey. Bad winds and Zan Tabak, coach from Burgos and former Malaga player, on the wire. Much at stake and little time. Debut in the visitors of his most recent signing Julian Gamble, which was not bad at all-

The malagueños started very fine with the triples (six in the first half) to counteract the individualist success of Renfroe, which reached 18 points in the first 20 minutes. And they were no more because Cole alternated his defense with spectacular baskets. The defenses did not shine, but the best success of the malagueños favored the 49-39 with which they reached the intermission of a game that offered more points than game.

After the resumption the trend of the game was maintained. San Pablo conceding too much in defense and misguided in free throws. Unicaja, with the success of Brizuela and Cole with four personals, opens the gap (66-53 min. 27) after another triple, this time by Francis Alonso who transformed the additional. Unicaja ruled with apparent authority. 71-55 (min. 37) with a 13-3 partial) reduced by the Castilians with a quick 0-7. Feint of disconnection for the greens who left their opponent alive at the dawn of the final stretch (75-65).

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But those of Tabak do not give the claw. His rebounding weakness and Renfroe’s disappearance (just two points since his first-half explosion) limited his chances. The game in this section is bad and the losses excessive. But Unciaja dominates the scoreboard with four minutes to go (87-72) with the authority that Norris Cole gives when it is known that he is going to plug it in.

San Pablo only had time to make up the scoreboard and little bad. He penalized for his poor defense and his horrendous day with free throws (19/29). Unicaja, without brilliance but with efficiency, obtained a necessary and essential victory. Oxygen for the Cup.

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