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Unicaja ruthlessly shakes Zaragoza hit by COVID

Unicaja rammed a Zaragoza exhausted and hit by a coronavirus outbreak that forced the postponement of this duel, which should have been played on the last 2 of the currents. With great difficulty, the Aragonese team recovered and was able to jump onto the track. But he only resisted 17 minutes where he went from a tie at 35 to the tremendous and surprising final beating that he took because he simply collapsed and with Katsikaris they played at pleasure. He ended up scoring 112 points and the top scorer was… Bone with 21 Great game especially from Barreiro. He needed it..

In the run-up to, an emotional tribute to Adam Waczynski. The Pole won the affection of the entire Unicaja fan, where he played six seasons at a very good pace and selflessly involved himself in a multitude of social causes. He didn’t have his best night.

Zaragoza, without Yusta or Deon Thompson (also a former Carpena tenant), with COVID-19, the game began overcoming adversity and threatening a break after a triple by Omar Cook, another former Carpena who placed a 12-18 (minute 8) and Katsikaris’ first time-out to prevent catastrophes.

The fact is that Unicaja improves its defense in this section, causing losses in its opponent. At 14 ‘Abromaitis, who debuted his new status as a community citizen by obtaining a Spanish passport after six years of residence (four in Tenerife and two in Malaga and married to a Spanish woman) places a triple. 31-26. Ponsarnau, a Casademont technician, asks for oxygen. The result is a partial of 4-9 that equals 35 at 17 ‘. An unsportsmanlike Mobey misses the Zaragoza team and Unicaja fell apart with a tremendous and fast 11-0 run with triples from Bouteille and Barreiro (46-35). Here you can say that the game is over. The break is reached with 48-38 with 11 points for Brizuela. 29-18 in this section.

After the resumption of eight points from a motivated Barreiro, another triple by Bouteille opened the difference to 59-38. 11-0 Partial devastating in just four minutes Unicaja was flying based on arreones.

The Casademont Zaragoza, drowned and disarmed, was entrusted to the veteran Cook (about to turn 40) to cushion the threat of a brutal fall. In vain. Dejected after emerging from an outbreak of a severe pandemic and with hardly any reaction capacity, Zaragoza collapsed until the electronic score was an unthinkable 70-44 (27 ‘).

The final stretch was almost left over. The difference grew to 81-54 at 33 ‘. The game became unbearable for Zaragoza to the point of giving the impression that Unicaja was playing walking. At 36 ‘devastating and relentless 92-60 after a triple by Cole. And from there until reaching and exceeding the 111 points that Joventut endorsed in April 2011 (the Badalonese scored 55).

And in a night of records the attendance was brokens. Nothing less than 31, one more than in 1999-2000 against Fuenlabrada or 153 valuation. In 2013-14 151 against Valladolid. If this serves as a turning point to a bad season, so be it. Despite the bulky result, playing the Copa del Rey in Granada continues to depend on an unthinkable miracle.

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