Unicaja is left without the dream of a million

The ‘curse of the host’ returned to Martín Carpena to leave an unknown Unicaja without the dream of a million that they were unable to beat Telekom Bonn, the typical Americanized German team and that played at the pace that TJ Shorts wanted, a short American guard of 1.75 and who has similarities with that Larry Wright, who destroyed Barcelona in a Cup final of Europe playing with Banco di Roma. He played, made them play and embittered the locals who had a terrible day with the triples (7/34). A lousy minute from the Germans gave Unicaja the option of having a winning triple on the last play that Perry missed. There will be no Spanish final and the duel between Unicaja and Lenovo Tenerife will go from rematch of the Cup to consolation (better heartbreak). The grand finale will pit the Germans against Hapoel.

Tremendous atmosphere in the Carpena with 8,000 passionate fans pushing Unicaja against 400 Germans. Many from Hapoel, happy for their agonizing victory against Tenerife, stayed to enjoy the best basketball. The verdimorados start with the effervescence of Darío Brizuela (20-11 min. 7). Tuoman Lisalo, Bonn’s Finnish coach for the match to avoid this escape attempt. What comes is a 0-9 partial and turn for Ibon because Shorts, the 1.75-meter point guard began to do his thing.

Fight under the hoops
Fight under the hoopsMariano Pozo

Telekom Bonn is a team with similar characteristics to Unicaja with speed, serious defense and good shooters. The people from Malaga were really uncomfortable. 24-31 min. 13 and a new dead time for Ibon because he was playing what Shorts wanted and his squires Delaney and Hawkins. Triple by Chilean Sebastián Herrera (29-38) and third personal by Kravish. This was not Unicaja and on the pitch you could only hear the German stalwarts celebrating the recital of his MVP Shorts to put up a tremendous 31-41 with which he reached the intermission.

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The third quarter continues with tremors (33-46) and the same sensation of Málaga thicket. Nerves, rainfall and losses. You had to grit your teeth. With 38-48, a technique to Hawkins by flopping to resume the famous “if we can”. (42-48 min. 25). The Carpena raises decibels. Unicaja improves its defense but continues poorly in shooting and movement. 5/23 in triples to explain the 50-57 with which the third set closes.

Fight under the hoops
Kravish did not have his best night,Mariano Pozo

The final stretch offers more uncertainties than certainties. Unicaja longs for the punctual success of its sparks, Perry and Carter. Nor is Kravish fine under the hoops and with a shot from four meters (52-58 min. 32).

The verdimorados defend in the zone and Carter appears to make it 55-58 and raise the ‘green tide’ again. There was hope. Those of Ibon row up to 57-58 at an ant rate. In vain. Nerves and bad decisions plagued the unfortunate host. And Shorts to his. 58-67 with two minutes remaining and Kravish, eliminated by personal.

With everything lost, Unicaja pulls courage like a chicken without a head, but courage nonetheless. He has been slow to realize that the Telekom is out of stock. With 19.6 seconds to go, the score was 65-69. Ejim’s basket and surprisingly, it had departed. Shorts misses two free throws and Perry, surprisingly, finds himself with the option of a game-winning three-pointer which, of course, he misses.


67-Unicaja Malaga (22, 9, 19 and 17): Tyson Carter (7), Perry (12), Barreiro (2), Will Thomas (0), Kravish (8) –starting five – Kalinoski (4), Osetkosvki (7), Yankuba Sima (0), Alberto Díaz (), Melvin Ejim (12), Brizuela (12) Djedovic (1). Eliminated Kravish.

69-Telekom Bonn (22, 19, 16 and 12): TJ Shorts (21), Delany (13), Krazer (2), Tadda (0), Ward (3) – starting five – Sebastián Herrera (7), Hawkins (13), Kessens (1), Malcolm (7) and Williams (2).

referees: Yohan Rosso (France), Wojciech Lizska (Poland) and Boris Krejic (Slovenia).
incidents: Martín Carpena: 9,000 spectators.

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