Unicaja beats Dijon in tribute to Martín Urbano

The news spread like wildfire at the end of the third quarter of a game that Unicaja dominated with authority. José María Martín Urbano, prestigious coach and one of the fathers of Malaga basketball who, since his promotion with Caja de Ronde made possible the current Club Baloncesto Málaga, had died of a heart attackor while watching the game in the stands of Martín Carpena where he never failed.

It was during the first quarter. Martín Urbano, 72, felt unwell. He was treated urgently in one of the corridors of the facility but nothing could be done for his life. The heart that he did not tire of giving throughout his life had failed him. Faced with such a jug of cold water, the game went into the background. Unicaja beat a complicated Dijon that did not have its night and goes on to lead this group G with two wins. But it’s a sad night.

Dijon, like a good French team, is unpredictable. An anthological or disastrous version can be expected depending on the wind. They have a certain prestige because they usually play European competitions. The point is that this team presented itself as a dangerous opponent studied by Ibon Navarro. So Uncaja applied a tremendous defense that suffocated the French with a more than interesting 14-3 after 5 minutes of play. Dijon, non-existent in the selection of shots, allowed the cruising speed to the people of Malaga who went from 25-11 (min. 11) to 40-18 (min. 19) made up by a slight reaction from the opponent with a partial of 3-7 to reach the break with 43-25. If not for McDuffie’s 8 points, Dijon would be dead. 10 points from Osekowski at Unicaja.




After the restart, Unicaja maintained its sobriety with the only opposition from MDuffie. The Malaga outside game was wreaking havoc with a very effective Carter (55-35 min. 26). But Unicaja relaxes and Dijon squeezed with a 3-9 run that put the score at 58-44. Ibon asks for time to avoid some complications that he did not count on.

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Death of Martin Urbano

As the match progressed, terrible news arrived. The death of José María Martín Urbano, father of Malaga basketball as coach of Caja de Ronda while he witnessed, as always and without ever missing, his beloved Unicaja. The Carpena froze as the news spread. The game continued and Dijon closed to 63-50. Silence and sadness. very hard Martín Urbano felt indisposed. A heart attack two weeks after suffering from angina pectoris. He was treated in a corridor, but nothing could be done. He was 72 years old. The game continued. Perhaps the players sensed that something was happening because the stands were sad rather than cold.

Image of José María Martín Urbano.


Image of José María Martín Urbano.Mariano Well

Life goes on and the stands were angry at a foul by Alberto Díaz, with an ostentatious mask protecting his fractured nasal septum over Holston, very doubtful. Even in the protest there was sadness. Those things are noticeable. Score, 74-57 (min, 33).

Alberto, with another of his wonderful recoveries throwing himself to the ground, raised the spirits of the people. Suddenly the stands rebounded. Martín Urbano, as a renowned technician, would not have allowed relaxations. It wasn’t his style. Because of his teachings, the Malaga Basketball Club is a consolidated feeling. And good. Brizueña’s quality with a brilliant entry to the basket opened the score up to 84-63 with two minutes to go. A triple by Perry closed the game with 88-68. Great victory and much sadness. Malaga mourns one of its own, José María Martín Urbano.


Unibox (25, 18,20 and 25) Malaga: Kendrick Perry (9), Tyson Carter (10), Barreiro (8), Ejim (4), Augusto Lima (5) – starting five – Kalinoski (13), Will Thomas (3), Darío Brizuela (15), Dedovic (0), Alberto Diaz (0), Kravish (5) and Osetowski (16).

Dijon (11, 14,25 and 18): Holston (), Alingue (5), Brembly (0), Holston (), Hrovat (13), McDuffie (18) – starting five – Ducoté (8), Ware (2), Abdoulaye Loum (4), Rouselle ( 3) and Chase Simon (6).

Referees: Lorenzo Baldini (Italy), Dariusz Zapolski (Poland) and Geert Jacobs (Belgium).

Incidents: Martin Carpena.

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