Unicaja beat a combative Obradoiro with suffering

Unicaja went through more difficulties than they would have liked to break an irreducible Obradoiro who was about to take advantage of three minutes of local bird to scare Carpena with a 1-14 (77-75) run in the last quarter of the game. The talent of those from Ibon clipped the wings of the Galicians to seal their seventh consecutive victory between Liga Endesa and BCL. Those from Santiago back down in their desire to be among the top eight.

Obradoiro is a team that usually gives Unicaja problems. The first leg in Santiago is proof of this. A match that lasted two and a quarter hours between whistles and flutes and that the people of Malaga won despite a bad day with the triples (3/22). No one in Malaga expected facilities. So it was. Moncho Fernández proposed an uncomfortable match. Those of Ibon did not find facilities to run. After Sima missed three free throws out of four, the people of Santiago reached their first advantage (11-12 min. 4) and remained in combat with the success of Phill Scrubb. The people of Santiago remain in the fight, but in the last seconds of the second set two consecutive three-pointers from Barreiro make it 49-41 with which the intermission is reached. 8/13 in triples for Ibon’s team and 6/14 for the visiting team.

Spectacular dunk by Tyson Carter-
Spectacular dunk by Tyson Carter.Mariano Pozo

After the resumption the verdimorados increase their intensity and they get their first significant distance of the duel (62-51 min. 23). Shortly after the classic breakdown of the markers and four minutes of timeout. It was not the first ‘blackout’. With Osetkowski, the calm, irrepressible shooter and the hectic rhythm of Perry Unicaja widened his borders (71-56 (min. 26)). Moncho, in the dead time, was critical and even caustic with his defense work. Osetkowski finished with 21 points. Excellent performance.

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With 76-61 and 30 seconds after the end of the third act, Mario Saint Supery jumps onto the court, much applauded by the parish. What followed was a bit surprising. Partial 0-5, technique to Ibon Navarro and beginning of the final quarter with a free kick, ball for the Galicians and five more points to tighten the electronics again (76-72). Álvaro Muñoz also misses the triple from 76-75 and another from Magnay. Partial odd from 0-14. The party continues with a fine Leo Westermann (77-75 min. 33′) who gets on the nerves of the Carpena parish.

Djedovic returned the calm with two decisive shots.
Djedovic returned the calm with two decisive shots.Mariano Pozo

The game gets out of control and the bad moments of the people of Malaga are softened with cold-bloodedness in two excellent three-pointers by Djedovic in full disconnection from Ibon’s men (84-80 min. 35).

The final stretch is of an unexpected emotion. A basket by Barreiro with two minutes to go puts it 93-84 with the scent of triumph. A very good match by this player to help the team from Malaga win yet again against a very good Obradoiro who sold his defeat dearly and at times scared him.

Hugs after a hard-fought victory.
Hugs after a hard-fought victory.Mariano Pozo


99-Unicaja (23, 26, 27 and 23): Kendrick Perry (14), Brizuela (5), Osetkowski (21), Barreiro (12), Yankuba Sima (1) -starting five -Melvin Ejim (6), Djedovic (12), Kravish (), Kalinoski (), Will Thomas (2), Tyson Carter (8) and Mario Saint Supery (0).

89-Monbus Obradoiro (22, 19, 25 and 23)
: Westermann (), Thomas Scrubb (8), Robertson (8), Álex Suárez (12), Blazevic (12) -starting five – Zurbriggen (12), Edgar Vicedo (3), Magnay (2), Phill Scrubb (15 ), Álvaro Muñoz (2) and Rubén Guerrero (2).

referees: Juan Carlos García González, Javier Torres and Raúl Zamorano.

incidents: Martin Carpena.

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