Unicaja assaults the home of Breogán and is a playoff team

Unicaja didn’t play around and took a brilliant victory on one of the most complicated pitches in the Endesa League, the Sports Palace. Breogán did not play a bad game by any means. But they did not have their best day with the triples (6/23) and they found themselves with a rocky opponent who goes like a rocket and who had his guest star in Tyson Carter. The MVP of the Copa del Rey had a round night with 25 points and a PIR of 22. Hollatz, the executioner of Real Madrid, stayed at 13 points. The people of Malaga are a playoff team for the title and now they seek to continue climbing to gain better performance in the final phase with the famous home court factor.

Those of Ibon Navarro knew that he was going to assault a fort. Río Breogán thrashed its last visitor, none other than Real Madrid, 96-72 in a game where he imposed his success with the triple (11/22) and the great day of the German Hollatz, with 21 points without failure. For this reason, those from Ibon set out to intercept as far as possible the external torrential of the Lugo. The 0/4 in triples of the first act explained the 15-20 increased to 15-26. Veljko Mrsic’s team found Tanaskovic to neutralize the tricky difference (33-33). Unicaja began to run and with a voracious 4-11 they reached the interval with an advantage (37-44). In triples 2/9 Breogán and 3/7 Unicaja.

After the restart, Unicaja is 40-50. Breogán rows led by Nenadicy Happ with the annotation. A triple by Sergi García brings the locals closer (53-58 min. 26). There was party. Tyson Carte’s talentry Osetkowski, who appears when his team seems most in a hurry, puts the lead back to 11 (57-68 min. 28). A rush from the Galicians returns the emotion at the end of the third period (62-68).

Tyson Carter's colossal match.
Tyson Carter’s colossal match.CBA

After two minutes without annotation Nakic retires injured. Tyson ‘Huracán’ Carter continues to destroy from the outside (62-71 and 19 points from the American). After another basket, of two, made by Djedovic, Mrsic stops the game because, once again, the downhill is 11 points. Distance going up to 12 by Mr. Carter’s triple rigor, two more from Thomas (66-78 min. 35).

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With 68-82 Momirov returned some hope with a shot from three but the people from Malaga did not lose order. Three pointer from Kalinoski, another two points from Djedovic (71-90) to finish off with one minute to go. The final quarter of 12-22 was decisive in sealing the fifth consecutive league victory for Ibon Navarro’s men and tie a position in the fight to win the League.


74-Breogán River (15, 22, 25 and 12): Hollatz (12), Mornirov (3), Barnforth (5), Happ (14), Nakic (4) starting five – Sergi Quintela (4), Sergi Garcia (5), Nenadic (17), Tanaskovic (9) and Brajkovic (0).

90-Unicaja Malaga (20, 24, 24 and 22: Kendrick Perry (11), Brizuela (11), Kalinoski (7), Osetkowski (8), Kravish () -starting five – Barreiro (2), Tyson Carter (25), Djedovic (9), Will Thomas (4) , Yankuba Sima (2) and Melvin Ejim (3).

referees: Martín Caballero, Francisco Araña and Andrés Fernández. Incidents: Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo. 5,030 spectators.

incidents: Sports Palace of Lugo. 5,030 spectators.

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