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‘Unfortunately America has become like third world countries’

New York: Former US President Donald Trump has expressed regret over the FBI raid on his residence in Florida, saying that America has become like third world countries today.

According to the details, on Monday evening, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the former US president’s residence in Florida, Mar A Lago, and seized important documents. are starting to do

Donald Trump called the FBI raid ‘Unannounced raid‘ declared, and in a lengthy statement compared the FBI raid to the Watergate scandal, and blamed left-wing radical Democrats for the raid.

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Trump said: “After working and cooperating with the appropriate government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was neither necessary nor appropriate. They also ransacked my safe.”

American media say that Trump was not at his Florida home at the time of the raid, he was at Trump Tower in the New York area.

In his statement, former President Trump said: “This is a dark time for our nation. This is tantamount to prosecutorial misconduct and the weaponization of the justice system to prevent me from running for the White House again.”

Trump said: “This kind of attack can only happen in broken, third world countries, sadly the US has become one of those countries, corruption on a level never seen before. “



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