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Unexpected twist in Verratti’s future

Unexpected twist in Verratti's future

Marco Verratti concludes his departure from Paris Saint-Germain in the last days of the market. The Italian midfielder who seemed to have his job done March to Saudi Arabiacould be heading for one new exotic travel destination after I didn’t enter the plans Luis Enrique for the next season.

Everything seems to point to the stage Verratti in Europe is over. The Italy midfielder is aware of his difficult situation in Paris. There are no important offers on the old continent and a departure to a new exotic destination seems to be taking shape as the days go by.

In the last few weeks, the Italian seemed to have succeeded agreed upon his arrival in Saudi Arabia. Al-Hilal had agreed to the terms contract with the playera millionaire pact, which failed afterwards failed to reach an agreement with the Paris team.

When the Arab option collapsed, Verratti began searching for a new target far from Paris. The situation was exploited Qatarthat through Al Arabi He intends to sign the midfielder in the coming days.

The Qatar team’s proposal is firm and although it convinces both parties, negotiations with the continue club and player as reported by Fabrizio Romano. Should important offers not be received in Europe, The road to Qatar will take shape, A decision that Verratti would open the doors to one golden retreat far from peak.

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