Unexpected move by Elche CF to do business with Edgar Badía

Now that the goalkeeper has recovered his best level, the club hopes to achieve a large sale that balances budgets

Edgar Badia has regained ownership and its high level offered in the Elche CF last season. Gone are the first months of competition, where he did not appear in the lineups of Scribe. With Francisco everything has changed and the club is working to make it the big sale that is needed to square accounts.

There are many teams that would be interested in his signing, as well as many options that the Elche CF for the goal. One of them is that of an old man wanted by the Elche club, who last summer initiated contacts to sign a highly valued goalkeeper.

Elche Edgar Badia
Gabriel Arias is still on Elche CF’s radar

Edgar Badía could be one of the most expensive sales of Elche CF

That goalkeeper is Gabriel Arias, a 34-year-old Chilean goalkeeper who currently plays for Racing de Avellaneda. He is currently out with a serious knee injury, but will return for next season. A season that could be his first in Europe, as Elche CF wants him in the squad if he manages to sell Edgar Badía for a fortune.

The midfielder has not had any luck since Martínez Valero landed

The summer market will be the date on which the Argentine midfielder Ivan Marcone say goodbye to Elche CF. Or at least that’s what they hope in the direction of the illicit club. And it is that the player has not convinced anyone since he arrived in Alicante, not even his new coach Sergio Gonzalezwho already gave the ok for his departure.

The information coming out of green-fringed environment, affirm that the containment midfielder will return to his native country, where one of his former teams awaits him. We talk about Boca Juniors from the hand of Sebastian Battaglia, who is interested in their incorporation. The footballer was already linked to the xeneize team in the 2019 seasons and part of 2020.

Elche MarconeElche Marcone
Iván Marcone played a season and a half at Boca Juniors and his performance was good.

Marcone’s return to Boca after a lukewarm performance in Elche

In October 2020, the Argentine midfielder arrived at Elche on loan granted by Boca Juniors. In the Buenos Aires team he showed a high level and for that reason he appeared on the radar of his compatriot Jorge Almirón. The first year with the franjiverde elastic, Marcone played 2,740 minutes in 34 games, justifiable figures.

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By the start of this season and with a new coach, the midfielder was losing prominence in the team, thanks to the incursions of Omar Mascarell. However, Gerard Gumbau has also helped the Argentine stay on the bench longer. Marcone knows that his time at Martínez Valero is coming to an end.

“If it is not in Boca Juniors it will be in another in Argentina”, Elche on Marcone

The sports management of Elche has declared that they see it difficult for the Argentine midfielder to continue at the club beyond August of this year. Let us remember that the player has a contract with the Elche entity until 2023. The plan is to release him in the next transfer window, and his most preferred destination is Boca Juniors.

Other information from the Elche environment has indicated that another team in the Argentine Super League is interested in the midfielder. This is the maximum champion of the Copa Libertadores, CA Independiente de Avellaneda. Eduardo Dominguez has followed the wheel closely, and would fit perfectly to cover the departures of Carlos Benavidez or Juan Pacchini.

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