Unemployment figures: an improvement for employment?

The good news is expected, now remains for it to materialize in the figures. INSEE is due to unveil unemployment statistics for the third quarter of 2021 on Wednesday.

The institute warned at the beginning of October that the indicators should be green for employment. The unemployment rate is forecast to fall to 7.6% of the working population, compared to 8% in the previous quarter (for a total of 2.4 million people).

If this were confirmed, it would be excellent news, with “almost a point less than two years earlier”. A rebound in employment was observed in the middle of the year, making it possible to no longer suffer the “shock wave” of the Covid-19 crisis. Salaried employment has indeed exceeded its pre-crisis level from the second quarter of this year.

A rate that will be maintained until the end of the year?

“The pace of creations would slow down somewhat by the end of the year but, in total, around 500,000 net creations of salaried jobs would follow the 300,000 net destruction recorded in 2020”, detailed INSEE.

Thus, the rate of 7.6% should even be maintained in the fourth quarter, advances INSEE

In addition, INSEE expects economic activity to return to its pre-crisis level, without exceeding it, unlike employment.

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