Undisputed holder of Real Madrid sneaks into Florentino Pérez’s blacklist

With the elimination in the Champions League, the list of discards and departures has grown even more, with names that Ancelotti did not expect to see there. It seems that the white president’s patience has reached its limit.

The only option he had real Madrid to save the season he has gone overboard, and Florentino Pérez knows it exactly. After losing the Spanish Super Cup and LaLiga Santander at the hands of their staunch rival, the only thing left to do was become European champion. However the Manchester City took care of ruining the dream.

From his offices, Florentino Pérez has examined with a magnifying glass what could have been the individual errors that triggered a very poor level in a general sense. The task is difficult when he realizes that the offense, midfield and defense have failed in almost every game of the season. But it is more incredible that a player who until a few days ago had the label of untouchable, has entered the output folder.

Florentine Perez Real Madrid
The injuries accompanied by a very low level, are the arguments of Florentino Pérez to place David Alaba out of Real Madrid.

Florentino Pérez loses the papers with David Alaba, leaves Real Madrid

Everything seems to indicate that David Alaba is playing his second and last season with the Merengue team. The repeated injuries accompanied by a poor performance, exhausted the patience of the white president, who has just placed him on his discard agenda. Despite the fact that his contract is signed until 2026, if a good offer arrives, he leaves.

On the other hand, it is good business to sell the Austrian defender, since in 2021 he arrived for free from Bayern Munich. Any euro that the Madridista team receives in its operation will be profit. That counting on the high record that the player has. However, the reason for his departure is not so much because of the economy, but because of his very low level.

Real Madrid registers zero offers to Alaba, and Florentino Pérez pulls contacts

At the moment the Merengue offices have several offers for their players, but none with the name of the Austrian defender. The funny thing is that before he signed with the white club in 2021, half of Europe was behind his services, and it was obvious. His level in the Bavarian Giant was always above the standards, and his departure from Munich was a loss that to this day they do not surpass there.

Although there are several weeks left before the opening of the summer market, Florentino Pérez begins to call his contacts, to get an offer for David Alaba. Most likely, he will contact the Premier League, where clubs like Newcastle or Aston Villa can pay good money for him. Meanwhile, Ancelotti will continue to include him in his starting eleven.

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