Uncovering the Roots of Spanish

The Castellano and Leonese Language Institute Foundation’s Board of Trustees has agreed to promote the dissemination of the Spanish language, research into the origins of Spanish, and the literature of the Community. This decision was made during a recent meeting, which took place at the Palacio de la Isla de Burgos.

The Board of Trustees has approved the report of activities and the annual accounts of the Foundation for the 2023 financial year. Additionally, the Institute will maintain its commitment to the study, development, and promotion of the Spanish language, collaborating with other national and international institutions.

To achieve this, the Institute will participate in new international events, such as book fairs in Frankfurt, Germany, and Guadalajara, Mexico. This will allow for the value of Spanish to be showcased, as well as the publication of books on the origins of Spanish and the dissemination of books from Castilla y León.

The Institute will also continue to promote activities to disseminate the origins of Spanish in educational centers throughout the Community, focusing on texts by Valpuesta, Silos, and La Nodicia de Kesos. Additionally, the institution will work to promote reading among children and young people, in coordination with public libraries in Castilla y León.

Furthermore, the Institute will continue to promote cultural activity in the Community, through exhibitions, conferences, and other cultural events focused on the Spanish language and literary creation.

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