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Unconscious driver, school student saved the lives of 66 children by steering the bus

Schoolboy Dillon Reeves took over the steering wheel when the bus driver suddenly fell unconscious.  Photo: The Guardian

Students were returning home by school bus. The driver suddenly lost consciousness on the way. At that time the bus was going off the road. Just then seventh grader Dillon Reeves took the steering wheel of the bus. Reeves later stopped the bus. 66 children were saved. This incident happened in Michigan on Wednesday. News from The Guardian.

Video obtained by CBS News shows Reeves sitting in the front seat of the bus. As the bus was moving he saw the driver had lost consciousness. Meanwhile, Reeves grabbed the steering wheel and stopped the bus engine by braking. Later, Reeves called the emergency number and reported the incident to the police. Later, the police reached the spot and took the students home in another bus and rescued the bus driver and admitted him to the hospital. However, it is not known what caused the driver to lose consciousness.

13-year-old Dillon Reeves is floating in praise in this incident.

Local city councilor Jonathan Lafferty said in a Facebook post that Reeves saved the bus from hitting at least one car and one house. Reeves is our ‘hero’. We are proud of him.

Local police officer Robert Livernois said the driver suddenly fell ill while the bus was moving. He informed the matter to the transport company at that time. He then lost consciousness. If Reeves did not stop the bus at that time, a major accident would have occurred.

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