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UNAM launches streaming platform… and it’s free!

What you need to know:

In Online Cinema, a platform of the UNAM Film Library, you can find and watch films, short films and documentaries completely free of charge.

“Cinema online”, the UNAM Film Library platform, has come into our lives This gives us the opportunity to find and watch films, documentaries, short films and other audiovisual materials for free.

The best thing is that everyone has access to this streaming platform – meaning you don’t have to be from the university community to watch free movies -, whose catalog includes film material from 1900 to 1990.

Take a look at the UNAM Film Library's free film platform
Photo: @CulturaUNAM

In this way the The UNAM film library with “online cinema” brings us closer to very old films or documentaries that are a testament not only to national cinema, but to everyday Mexican life throughout the 90s Years.

Online Cinema: Visit the UNAM Film Library platform to watch free movies

Among the titles that we can find are the films:

  • “Two Monks” (1934) by Juan Bustillo.
  • “El Compadre Mendoza” (1935) by Fernando Fuentes or “Let’s go with Pancho Villa!” by the same director.
  • “Oh yes, we have to win!” (1978) by Raúl Kampfer.
  • “Anyway, Juan, Your Name” (1975) by Marcela Fernández Violante.

Or material restored by the UNAM film archive on the promos of the 1968 Olympic Games, the student movement of 1968 and the Mexican social movements between 1938 and 1968.

Photo: @CulturaUNAM

In addition to Mexican silent films such as “Tepeyac” (1917), “El Tren Fantasma” (1926) or “El Puño de Hierro” (1927).

The bottom line is that the online cinema platform is worth taking a look at because it contains very interesting material that has always existed, but now the UNAM Film Library is making it available to us so that we can appreciate it and learn about the stories can find out what happened in the first years of cinema in Mexico.

Or part of the cinema repertoire of the 70s, in addition to many curiosities such as commercials, short films and good documentaries.

Here is the link to the Filmoteca platform

Here we leave you the link to the online cinema from the UNAM film library and now… enjoy the material.

Dolores del Río in “The Other” by Roberto Gavaldón. / Photo: MoMa

We will also leave you a good text from us Sopic coordinator Greta Padilla on “The Other”, directed by Roberto Gavaldón from a screenplay by José Revueltas, which was part of the golden Mexican cinema – and also the online cinema catalog of the UNAM Film Library.

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