UN experts condemn the systematic deportation of Haitians in the US

United Nations experts today condemned the "systematic mass deportation of Haitian migrants and refugees" that the United States continues to practice and they insisted that these collective expulsions constitute a violation of international regulations.

It’s a statement, The experts pointed out that the US authorities are hampering the asylum application attempts of Haitian citizens, usually African American, to deport them to countries "where they suffer racial discrimination, gender violence and xenophobic violence".

According to experts, these deportations continue a traditional exclusion of Haitian migrants at ports of entry in the United States, when it is illegal to collectively deny entry to people of a certain nationality, as it is also illegal to consider them "threats to national security".

The statement was signed by the UN rapporteur against racism, Tendayi Achiume, and the members of the United Nations Working Group on the Rights of Peoples of African Origin.



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