Home Sports Umran Malik always wanted to play for India: Father Abdul Rashid

Umran Malik always wanted to play for India: Father Abdul Rashid

Umran Malik always wanted to play for India: Father Abdul Rashid

Image Source: IPLT20.COM
“ Dad, I want to play for India, ” said the father about the selection of Umran Malik in Team India

New Delhi | Jammu and Kashmir fast pitcher Umran Malik caused a sensation while playing for Hyderabad Sunrisers at IPL. The 21-year-old bowler had played at 150 km / h during the IPL. So he was also selected for online training with the Indian team at the ICC T20 World Cup. Apart from this, Malik has been inducted into India’s ‘A’ team for the four-day series against South Africa ‘A’.

These achievements of Malik have brought immense happiness to his father Abdul Rashid. Meanwhile, Rashid told IANS in a phone conversation on Friday: “You tell me, Dad, that I want to play for India.” Our prayers have always been with him. We pray to God that our son will play for India one day. Now his name has come up in the India A-Team.

I hope that in the future his name will also appear on the Indian team. He said: “He is not our son, he is the son of the nation. Now our only wish is to see him play well, so that the country is proud.” Rashid said: “We are very happy. All Jammu and Kashmir and India are happy for this boy. The whole country is praising him. Because he played very well.

Malik got a spot in Sunrise after fast launcher T Natarajan’s positive report of Kovid-19 at IPL. From then on, he performed brilliantly in the IPL, surprising everyone with his pace. Meanwhile, several cricketers, including Indian captain Virat Kohli, had caught his eye.

Rashid has attributed his son’s pace to Ishwar, whom Malik named in the top ten fastest balls of IPL 2021. He finished second among bowlers with a maximum delivery of 152.95 km / h.

He said: “Malik learned nothing from anywhere. It is his own strength that he used to practice in the cricket academy as well as in the university. God has given him the strength to play well.”

He said: “He has a lot of power and he used to play cricket all day. He used to leave at 10 in the morning and come back at 7 in the afternoon. He used to carry 3-4 bottles of water with him when he left. to practice. Dad used to say I have to go practice. “

Malik comes from a simple family in Gujjar Nagar, Jammu. Fruit vendor Rashid says his family always supports his son to play cricket. He was interested in cricket since he was three or four years old. We never stop you from playing cricket. Everything you needed to play the game, we provided it all.

Rashid has received many congratulations after Malik’s performance at IPL 2021. “People across India are very happy with Jammu.” Malik’s father said, “Praying for the child, our only prayer is that the child plays well and brings laurels to the field.”


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