Umar Akmal: Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal was in pain, said – money for his daughter’s school fees…

The Pakistan Cricket Board suspended wicket-keeper batsman Umar Akmal in 2020. In fact, Umar Akmal was found guilty by the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Anti-Corruption Unit. After that, this wicket-keeper batsman was suspended. Now Umar Akmal could not hold back his tears as he recalled that time. Umar Akmal said that this period was very challenging for me and my family. He also shared the difficulties he faced at the time.

Umar Akmal last played for the Pakistan cricket team in 2019. Umar Akmal recalls the days of prohibition and says the kind of day I saw not even my enemies saw. Allah passed my test. He said that as I was going through my bad days, many people around me showed their true colors. These people left me when times were bad. But I want to thank the people who supported me during these difficult times.

Umar Akmal said that I could not send my daughter to school for almost eight months. But my wife didn’t let me down, she stood by me the whole time like a shadow. He said that every time I think of Vas Daur, tears well up in my eyes. Umar Akmal says that my wife’s life was very royal but when my bad phase came she said that no matter what the situation may be, I will be by your side all the time. I will always be grateful to my wife for that.

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