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The Real Madrid goes narrowing the fence around bellingham. In the next few days there will be a vital summit to know the player’s future The Dortmund has summoned the medium from 19 years to one meeting in which he must tell the german club than decision make, if it continues or if you prefer to be sold in summer. Borussia’s idea is for this match to take place before January 6, when the team travels to Marbella to make a mini stages until the 14th (they will stay at the Gran Meliá Don Pepe). Will be present the player’s father, Markwhat in reality also at your agenta family friend, Mark Bennett, who advises the father, Hans Joaquim Watzke and Sebastian Kehl, CEO and sports director respectively of Borussia and, of course, Jude Bellingham.

The relationship between Borussia and Mark Bellinghamplayer’s father, it’s excellent. as he could know AS, before the World Cup from Qatar, Watzke summoned the Bellinghams to this friendly gathering where they want know the final decision what does it take the player. The German club considers him lost and thinks that 95% will say that he is leaving. But he considers it fully amortized. Bellingham was signed from the Birmingham for 25 millions euros in 2020, when he was only 16 years old…

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Secondly, sources familiar with the situation point out that the Borussia has already set a sale price before the attempt of several of the main teams in Europe, mainly Liverpool, Chelsea and City. Borussia is asking for 100 million more targets, that could arrive up to 40 million more. Not in vain, make For a couple of months, Borussia tried to convince Bellingham, what’s wrong with it contract until 2025, for him to renew. And if he had succeeded, his intention was to put a termination clause of 150 million euros. Contrary to what has been published days ago, now the player does not have any termination clause in his contract.

Borussia assumes, therefore, that it is about sell it this summer or let it go free the following year. The surplus value that you will get for it is important. In this way, the leaders borussers are following to feet together the strategy carried out with Haaland, who was also called to a meeting in early January 2022 for him to say, as Bellingham must now do, if he wanted to leave or renew. The German club avoids tensions and facilitates negotiations.



The position of Real Madrid.

The Real Madridas this newspaper has been telling, is the best placed to sign Bellingham. And not because he has spoken with Borussia. that negotiation between clubs hasn’t started yet. But yes because it has already done the pertinent surveys with the player environment about his willingness to wear white from Real Madridand the answer has been affirmative. Bellinham puts that before returning to the Premier, as he prefers to have an experience beyond playing for his country again. Liverpool is, without a doubt, the club that can put the operation at risk for Real Madrid. Those from Anfield, like City, had indeed contacted Borussia about the player months ago.

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When there is money involved, sentimentality is left behind, but there is another factor what favors to the Real Madridand is the good relationship between Florentino Pérez and the CEO of Borussia, Hans Joquim Watzke. Are friends for a decade and it is demonstrated by last two transfers of players from Madrid to Borussia: Achraff, who was there two campaigns, and Reinier, who played another two on loan before ending up in Girona.

bellingham ha exploited definitely this season. In addition to having been the undisputed starter for England at the World Cup in Qatar, his contribution to Borussia is being fundamental: there are already 9 goals and 4 assists in 29 games for a midfielder with a presence in all areas of the pitch. Currently the specialized website Transfermarkt gives him a market value of 110 million euros, being the player with the highest price in the Bundesliga.

“We have a very close relationship with the player’s father,” he said. Watzke a few dates ago “We will discuss it nicely and reasonably. But we don’t have to pretend the issue isn’t on the table. if the clubs Really big are there, then neither can we afford a financial fight. Jude is a wonderful kid who also has his fluctuations, we’ve seen that. But he is without a doubt one of the greatest talents in European football ”.

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