Ukrainian politician’s wife arrested for laundering millions of dollars

The wife of a war-torn Ukrainian politician and a major uranium trader has been arrested for laundering billions of rupees.

According to foreign media, a beautiful woman who entered the European Union from Ukraine was arrested by the customs authorities for smuggling millions of dollars and millions of euros and registered a case of taking large amount of money illegally.

According to local Ukrainian newspapers, the fugitive Hasina is the wife of Anastasia Kotfitska, the famous Takir Igor Kotfitsky, from whose belongings دو 28 million and a whopping 13 1.3 million have been recovered.

On the other hand, Ukrainian politician and businessman Igor Kotfitsky denied the arrest of his wife Anastasia, saying that she was entering the European Union for childbirth and had no money in her luggage, all our money was in Ukrainian banks. Is.

Syar Khushutov, a Ukrainian businessman, claims that Ukrainian customs officials are taking bribes and letting large sums of money out.

It should be noted that Uighur Kotfitsky is a major uranium dealer in Ukraine and has close ties with the political and ruling class.

The Ukrainian people are sensitive to those in power because they believe that the ruling class is transferring wealth abroad to avoid taxes.

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