Ukrainian attacks test Russian defenses

Ukrainian attacks intensified on the eastern Ukrainian fronts, where experts consider that the command of the kyiv Army tests the Russian defenses before launching an offensive with the bulk of its forces. During the last day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces “continued their attempts at offensive actions on the Liman, Donetsk and South Donetsk fronts,” admitted this Sunday the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, when offering his daily report. .

The Russian lieutenant general specified that on the Donetsk front, the South group of troops successfully repelled a total of eleven enemy attacks along with a number of towns, including the city of Bakhmut, which was the scene of a fierce battle for ten months. For his part, the spokesman for the Ukrainian military group Este, Serhiy Cherevatysaid that the country’s troops are pressing and advancing from north to south of Bakhmut.

“For ten months the enemy attacked us, now we are the ones who attack but with a totally different tactic: we use all the advances of military science, we use drones and high precision weaponry to crush the enemy“, said Cherevaty. The situation in Bakhmut became complicated for Russian troops after the mercenaries of the Wagner Group, the Russian assault force that captured the city and staged an uprising that shocked the country, withdrew from the city in early June .

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